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At BAK Volleyball, we pride ourselves on being Albuquerque's premier destination for comprehensive volleyball training, with a special focus on beach volleyball. Our dedication to excellence stems from our team of experienced trainers, each boasting a rich background in both playing and coaching at elite levels. Our Philosophy At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief in the transformative power of hard work, personality, and the familial bond that comes with the game of volleyball. We understand that success on the court goes beyond physical prowess; it requires mental fortitude, teamwork, and a deep passion for the sport.

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Thanks to BAK Volleyball, I entered St. Mary's as a confident and skilled athlete, ready to make an impact on the collegiate stage. Their commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of greatness have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping me into the player I am today. I'm forever grateful for the invaluable lessons, unwavering support, and lifelong friendships forged at BAK Volleyball.

Cameron Martinez

St. Marys

Now, as a proud member of Boise State's beach volleyball team, I can confidently say that BAK Volleyball played a pivotal role in my achievements. Together with my teammates, we've become the most winningest 1s team in Boise State history, a testament to the caliber of training and support provided by BAK Volleyball.

Sierra Land

Boise State -BAK Coach

Thanks to BAK Volleyball's guidance and unwavering belief in my potential, I was able to secure a spot on Pepperdine's beach volleyball team, fulfilling a lifelong dream. The journey to Pepperdine was challenging, but with BAK Volleyball by my side, I felt prepared and supported every step of the way.

Emma Eden


"BAK Volleyball holds a special place in my heart, as it's where my love for beach volleyball was born and nurtured. I'll admit, when I first stepped onto the sand, I wasn't sure if beach volleyball was for me. But thanks to the incredible team at BAK Volleyball, my initial uncertainty blossomed into a deep passion and true love for the sport.

Madison Pruitt

Current Player

The trainers at BAK Volleyball didn't just teach me the technical skills of beach volleyball; they showed me the beauty of the gameā€”the feeling of the sand beneath my feet, the sound of waves crashing in the distance, and the exhilaration of diving for that game-winning dig. Through their patience, encouragement, and unwavering support, they helped me overcome my doubts and discover my true potential as a beach volleyball player.

Teagan Algarra


What we offer

BAK Programs

Youth College Prep

The BAK College Beach Prep Program stands as our premier offering, designed to cultivate excellence in aspiring futre collegiate-level athletes.

This rigorous program is characterized by its commitment to intensive training, with sessions held three times weekly, supplemented by team weightlifting sessions. It represents the pinnacle of our offerings, attracting the most dedicated and ambitious individuals seeking to achieve the highest levels of performance in their volleyball careers.

Starts in May

Cost: $1300

Youth Blue Squad

Introducing the BAK Beach Volleyball Blue Squad Program, a dynamic initiative designed for competitive athletes seeking to elevate their game to the next level. With sessions held three times a week, this program offers a comprehensive training regimen aimed at honing skills, fostering teamwork, and preparing participants for elite-level competition.

Starts in May

Cost: $1000

Youth Black Squad

The Blue Squad Program is designed to provide participants with ample opportunities to engage in structured training sessions while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow players. Whether you're aiming to stay competitive during the off-season or simply seeking to improve your game, our program offers the perfect balance of skill development and physical conditioning.

Starts in May

Cost: $750

Youth 13u

Introducing the BAK Beach Volleyball 13U Program, an esteemed initiative tailored specifically for young athletes eager to develop their skills and passion for the sport. With bi-weekly practice sessions, this program provides a structured and nurturing environment for players aged 13 and under to hone their abilities and foster a love for beach volleyball.

Starts in May

Cost: $750

Adult Training

Introducing the BAK Beach Volleyball Adult Program, a premier offering designed to cultivate a vibrant and competitive doubles beach volleyball community. Tailored for adults of all skill levels, this program provides a dynamic platform for players to enhance their game, forge new connections, and immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of beach volleyball.


Introducing BAK Beach Volleyball Tournaments, the pinnacle of competitive beach volleyball events. Our tournaments offer a premier platform for players of all skill levels to showcase their talents, test their abilities, and immerse themselves in the thrilling atmosphere of beach volleyball competition.


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